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June 23, 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Deacon Mike and Rosy Stock have been a great blessing to our parish over these many years, first as parishioners and then as a deacon couple. Apart from the many baptisms celebrated and homilies preached by Deacon Mike, they have served in a variety of ministries, have helped coordinate the activities of our outreach ministry and were instrumental in the building of our new pastoral center. Most recently, they stepped to lead The Chosen Bible Study, bringing their great wisdom and deep faith to the sessions each week. I am grateful for all that Rosy and Mike have done for the parish as well as for their friendship. Deacon Mike has been serving as a deacon in our parish since he was ordained in 2015 and now the diocese is moving Deacon Mike and Rosy to another assignment, effective July 1st. Please join me in giving thanks to God for their ministry here at St. Edward’s and praying for them as they begin the next chapter of their ministry. You will have an opportunity to express your gratitude to Deacon Mike and Rosy next weekend after the 11:00 a.m. Mass.

As we have been hearing from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel at Mass, I would recommend an engaging novel by Michael O’Brien about Ezekiel, “By the Rivers of Babylon” published by Ignatius Press (also available on Amazon, Kindle, etc.). Although it is a novel, O’Brien is as accurate as possible given that Ezekeil lived some 2,500 years ago. I encourage you to add this to your summer reading list.

In Christ,

Bishop Tim Freyer

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