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A Call to Ministry

Every Christian, no matter who they are or what they do, are called to minister to others and make disciples. You could be a student, a business owner, a dog groomer, an athlete or some combination of all four, and you would still have the call by God to serve those around you and tell others about Jesus. Take a look at the rich tradition of ministries St. Edward the Confessor and San Felipe have to offer and consider trying something new.

2023-24 Ministry Calendar

Please check our ministry calendar to check for current ministry information and for direction on how to discern a call to start a new ministry.

Current Ministries

 For Adults 

Families of Nazareth

Contact: Ann Marie Eckl.          949-234-0476


Contact: Lupe Ojeda                 949-542-4313

Contact: Dan Abalos                  949-468-7242

Mental Health Support Ministry

Contact: Jill Redderson              949-584-8644

Surfin’ Scripture 

Contact: John Chis                    949-933-3734

Contact: Mike Chapman             949-547-0767

Wed Night Bible Study
Communion: Sick & Homebound

Contact: Elizabeth Meehan         949-246-1588 UC

Extraordinary Ministers HC

Contact: Rocco Falabella            949-240-8037


Contact: Maureen Walker            949-374-0506

Liturgical Environment

Contact: Gerry Holbert               949-492-5754


Contact: Bill McAndrew                                  


Contact: Rick Dellefield              949-429-2872


Contact: Maria Whelan               949-233-8288


Contact: Rosalie Kampmeier        949-443-4079

Binky Patrol

Contact: Marilyn Novak              949-338-2062

Respect Life

Contact: Alejandra Baker             949-690-7315

              Tami Vogler                  425-830-5328

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults-English

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Rite of Christian Initiation Adapted For Children-English

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                     949-542-4313

Elementary School Faith Formation

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Sacramental Preparation Classes

Contact:Lupe Ojeda                     949-542-4313

Servants of the Word (Tuesday Morning Bible Study)

Contact: Nancy McMillen                                 

Tuesday morning Bible Study meets weekly in Knight Hall for study and fellowship during the school year. Email Nancy for more information.

St. Vincent de Paul

Contact: Dennis Ettlin                 310-795-9507


Contact: Suzanne Luke                949-496-7209

Adoration Society

Contact: Deana Progar                 949-525-7092

Come worship and pray to the Heavenly Father with our Eucharistic Lord in the Exposed Blessed Sacrament during our 24-hour Adoration. Contact Deana: to sign up for an hour.

Circle of Praise    

Contact: Pam Conway                  949-661-0158

Disciples of Divine Mercy Cenacle

Contact: Deana Progar                 949-525-7092

Two Hearts Prayer Group

Contact: Pam Conway                   949-661-0158




Contact: Roseanne Arimenti     949-218-7062

Mary’s Gift Corner    

Contact: Suzanne Luke        949-496-7209

World Apostolate of Fátima: Our Lady's Blue Army 

Contact: Doris Young               949-291-0326           

 For Couples 

Marriage Enrichment

Contact: Bob & Mary Dausch    949-481-1102 

Marriage Preparation

Contact: Bob & Mary Dausch    949-481-1102 

Natural Family Planning   

Contact: Pam & Sean Tupy    949-375-1803

 For Families 

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

Elementary School Faith Formation    
Sacramental Preparation Classes

Contact: Lupe Ojeda                    949-542-4313

 For Youth 

High School Confirmation

Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      


Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      

Youth Ministry

Contact: Mason Fredenberg    949-429-2893      

Altar Servers



Contact: Bill McAndrew                                        

 For Men 

Knights of Columbus

Contact: Gabriel DelCastillo    213-379-6380

Bible and Basketball

Contact: Troy Dueker        949-310-0392

 For Women 


Contact:Tamara Jordan    949-547-8046                      

Prayer Shawl

Contact: Joia Smart                                                     

Mary’s Merry Widowed

Contact: Mela Larwood                949-606-2628           

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