Pastoral Council

The St. Edward Pastoral Council is a consultative body which develops and recommends parish pastoral plans and directions.

Over the past years, the Pastoral Council has advised on such things as Mass schedule changes, integration of San Felipe Chapel and St. Edward the Confessor Church, the reorganization of the parish preschool and elementary school, the renovation of the church, plant management considerations, parish communication approaches, parish ministry planning, and a strategic outreach plan.

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Parish Councils

Rob Quincey- Chair

Wendy Tucker

Alejandra Baker

Liz Johnson


Judy Mastracchio

Bill Tally

Mary Ann Wilkinson

Jean Latu



Finance Council

The Finance Council is a consultative body which meets with the Pastor to review and oversee the financial condition of the parish.

Members serve at the invitation of the Pastor and are selected because of their strong business or financial background. Members review budgets/financial statements, review requests for fund-raisers, and oversee insurance and legal issues such as contracts.

Outreach Council

The Outreach Council is a consultative body which meets with the Pastor quarterly, or more often when needed, to review and oversee the Outreach and Stewardship efforts of the parish.

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Pastoral Council

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