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Marriage Enrichment


“Marriage is of enduring importance. Its essence derives from our human nature and social character. It involves a series of obligations born of love itself, a love so serious and generous that it is ready to face any risk.”

Pope Francis

Living the sacrament of marriage is both rewarding and challenging.  Married couples are called to be a sign of Christ’s love for His people through their faithful, fruitful and permanent love relationship.  Living this way of life in the modern world can only be done with God’s grace communicated with love within the marriage and through the witness of other married couples.  The resources below are available for marriage enrichment.

Living Catholic Marriage

Our parish marriage enrichment ministry provides the opportunity for couples to grow in their love for each other and their faith together.  Develop a new appreciation for God’s presence in your sacrament. For more information, click below or contact Bob and Mary Dausch. 

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 Contact Bob and Mary Dausch 

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Marriage Encounter

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a weekend for married Christian couples who value their relationship and desire a richer, fuller life together. Attend a Marriage Encounter weekend and learn the tools needed to keep your marriage strong.  In Orange County,

To find out more, contact Rafael and Nora Pintor at  

More Resources

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Website of the U.S. Catholic Bishops to promote the vocation of marriage.


Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) helps couples experiencing marital difficulty at all levels of distress including disillusionment and deep misery. The program is designed to provide the tools to help get marriages back on track.  Thousands of couples headed for cold, unloving relationship or divorce have successfully overcome their marriage problems by attending the program. 

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

In 12 sessions, Beloved explores the true meaning of Marriage and how to live it out together.  Here you’ll discover the deepest spiritual, emotional and practical realities of Marriage through Scripture, Tradition and Church Teaching. You’ll see first-hand how to experience the wonder, mystery and joy of this Sacrament – from that first “I do” through the rest of your lives.  Contact the parish Multimedia Coordinator for the parish access key.

Natural Family Planning

Modern methods of family planning build intimacy and trust in a marriage as well as being completely natural and consistent with Catholic teaching about respect for life.  These methods safeguard health and apply in all stages of marriage.  For more information contact Sean and Pam Tupy at

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