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Marriage Preparation


"Marriage is a symbol of life, real life: it is not “fiction”! It is the Sacrament of the love of Christ and the Church, a love which finds its proof and guarantee in the Cross. My desire for you is that you have a good journey, a fruitful one, growing in love. I wish you happiness. There will be crosses! But the Lord is always there to help us move forward. May the Lord bless you!"

Pope Francis

Completion of a marriage preparation program is an essential part of preparation for your wedding.  Gaining the experience of married couples who are not from your own family will help you recognize the influence your family of origin has had on your perspective of marriage and how it will relate to your relationship with your future spouse.  You will also know more about living your marriage as a sacrament open to God’s grace. Schedule your marriage preparation as soon as possible before the busyness of your wedding plans begins. The Diocese of Orange requires completion of one of the following marriage preparation programs prior to your wedding.  A Certificate of Completion will be given to you for you to give to your priest or deacon prior to your wedding.  

For weddings in English, select from one of the following:

  1. The Marriage Preparation Workshop offered by our parish for the local area is Marriage in the Lord.  It is a series of four weekly sessions presented by married couples covering important aspects of their experience of married life. The sessions include opportunities to discuss privately with each other how the topics apply to your own unique love relationship.  The workshop is held at St. Edward's Parish. See a pamphlet describing the workshop and the current schedule and registration below.

2.  Catholic Engaged Encounter is an in-depth, private, personal, marriage preparation experience within the context        of Catholic faith and values.  This weekend experience for engaged couples is given in Orange County and at                various locations nationally and internationally. Check the options below.

3.  Diocese of Orange Marriage Preparation Programs are offered by parishes throughout Orange County organized by        the deanery regions of the diocese.  See the programs offered below.

4.  As a supplement to these programs, a pre-marriage relational aid is offered by our parish called FOCCUS©                    (Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study).  To find out more and to register, click              below and contact one of the certified FOCCUS facilitators in our parish: Gary & Wendy Tucker                           or Rosemary Kane MFT .

For weddings in Spanish, see the programs listed on the Diocese of Orange website given below:


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