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April 21, 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last Sunday a few people asked about the lack of water in the lower part of our baptismal font. We had the water drained in order to prepare for a 3:00 p.m. Mass I celebrated for JSerra High School. Through the wonderful ministry of the sisters, staff, faculty, and students, more than 35 students went through RCIA and received the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and Eucharist and one additional student who had been baptized in another faith became Catholic and received her sacraments. This is a model for Catholic High schools everywhere; the joy and beauty of the faith permeate the culture and are helping many to receive their sacraments.

Yesterday, we also celebrated the sacrament of confirmation for 79 of our young men and women. I am grateful for all those who have helped these students at their Sunday sessions, the retreat, the service projects as well as those who have been praying for our youth. Fr. Aristotle and Mason have been working on our high school youth nights and I am delighted that the number of young people attending has increased 5-fold since October.

This weekend is also Good Shepherd Sunday in which we pray for vocations to the priesthood. Please ask the Lord to give those He is calling to this wonderful life the courage to respond and follow Him.

Lastly, you should have received a few postcards to give to friends or neighbors inviting them to join you for Mass here at St. Edward’s. Your personal invitation may be just what a person is waiting for to rebuild their relationship with the Lord.

In Christ,

Bishop Tim Freyer

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