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Keeping in Touch

As you know, one of the challenges of moving is the increased physical distance that will separate us from the friends we have come to know and cherish. Although I will not be far away—specifically, at Saints Simon and Jude parish in Huntington Beach—we all know that life goes on and each of us must “bloom where we are planted.” That being said, I would like to give you a couple of ways to stay in touch with me if you desire to do so. One way to be in touch is through my personal email: (notice that “father” is spelled out, not abbreviated, and “philip” has only one “l”). Another way is my personal phone number: 714.673.9272. Whether we remain in touch or not, I do hope we will continue to pray for each other. Prayer can span any geographical distance!

The new administrator of St. Edward the Confessor and San Felipe de Jesús will be Bishop Tim Freyer. I am happy for him, as he will be joining one of the finest parishes in the diocese. I have no doubt that you will make him feel welcomed and supported. As I told the parish staff when I first met them on December 6, 2018, every moment can be a moment of grace. Let’s tap into the graces of the present moment and continue along the path to sainthood. That’s the reason we are here, and that will assure all of us a joyful reunion in the place that knows no “good byes.”

Gratefully Yours,

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