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Past, Present, and Future

The other day I was thinking about random things and it came to my mind that a year ago at this time, we were still watching the Pastoral Center being built, and all parish offices were clustered in modular units in the parking lot. Remember those times? It’s good to remember, and then to realize how blessed we are.

Now we have a beautiful facility where all kinds of groups can meet to celebrate, serve, and evangelize in a wide variety of ways. It’s wonderful to look at the calendar and see the vast array of activities that now have a home in our Pastoral Center. Of course, I am especially happy that we have resumed our Bible Study based on The Chosen. Besides being an awesome opportunity to see the Scriptures portrayed in a beautiful and relatable way, I really value the opportunity to spend time with you, discussing things that are important and/or interesting to us. If you’re not coming to this Bible Study, I hope you’ll give it a try. There’s a reason why it is so popular!

Looking towards the future, you will notice that we are already accepting registration for our Faith Formation programs, including preparation for First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation. I encourage you to register as soon as possible so that you can get the classes on your calendar. Please also consider volunteering to be a catechist or a helper in one of these programs. Our young people learn about our Faith by watching us live it—not just listening to us talk about it.

I am grateful to God and grateful to you for this wonderful life of Faith, which all of us share. Let’s continue to pray for each other!

Gratefully Yours,

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