Eucharistic Adoration

Last Monday and Tuesday, we had the first all-night Eucharistic Adoration at St. Edward the Confessor since pre-covid times. As you recall, at first the church was closed; and after we could reopen, the church was closed during the day because of work on the narthex. We did our best by having Eucharistic Adoration during the day at San Felipe de Jesús, and we are very grateful to have the blessing of a beautiful chapel like San Felipe in our parish.

But last Monday it was like old times. After the 8:15 am Mass, the Eucharist was exposed on the altar; it remained there until just before the 8:15 am Mass on Tuesday. (Of course, Exposition was interrupted for half an hour during the 5:30 pm Mass on Monday.) It is so good to know that we have resumed this practice on the first and third Monday of every month. I am grateful to all who come to keep Our Lord company; I have no doubt that you benefit greatly from your time with Him. This is a source of grace for our entire parish.

Of course, it is necessary for us to have people in the church at all times when the Eucharist is exposed. This includes the late hours of night and the early hours of the morning. Deana Progar, a long time parishioner, helps us by scheduling adorers of the Eucharist throughout the time of exposition. If you are able to commit to a particular day and time, please contact her by email:

Gratefully yours,

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