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Academic Decathlon

As you know, I am a huge fan of St. Edward the Confessor Parish School. The school is a huge ministry of the parish; and when I speak of our mission to celebrate, serve, and evangelize, I see these three actions going on in our school on a daily basis. Of course, another important activity that is always going on is learning. Our students learn in the classroom as well as outside of it.

On March 4th, our students showed how far learning can go as they competed in the Diocese of Orange Academic Decathlon Competition at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. It was a day of intense academic competition between middle school students from schools throughout the Diocese. The students competed individually in subject content areas – science, math, literature, English, social studies, fine arts and religion, and as a team in logic and super quiz.

Their months of hard work paid off with strong individual and team performances. Most especially our varsity Academic Decathlon Team placed first among all the schools present. The Monarchs are Number One! We are so proud of these students, and we are grateful to their coaches and their parents for all their hard work of preparation. As our varsity team prepares to participate in the State Academic Decathlon on March 25th, let’s help them along with our prayers and encouragement.

Gratefully yours,

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