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Years in the making

In 1999, St. Edward Parish began plans to purchase 2.5 acres of land adjacent to the church for use of a school expansion, parking lot, and a new Pastoral Center. In 2001, the school and parking lot were completed, however, there was not enough funds to complete the final stage of the project. 


Starting in 2007, the Pastor and members of the parish met for over a year to plan the design for the pastoral center. The plan was for the center to replace the former rectory and current parish hall with office space, a new parish hall, and meeting space for the Parish's many ministries. As fundraising efforts were set to begin, the economy crashed, and the parish put fundraising the center on hold. 


Beginning Again

In 2017, a letter was sent to all parishioners requesting their thoughts on starting to design and fundraise for the center. Time was of the essence; as if they did not decide to begin the process soon, the parish would have to wait until after the next Diocesan Capital Campaign, delaying the project until 2026.


Overwhelmingly, members of the Parish agreed to begin the process.

On June 19th, 2021, with Bishop Timothy Freyer looking on, Fr. Philip Smith broke ground on the new pastoral center, marking the first steps in finishing a project 22 years in the making.

Narthex and Pastoral Center Flythrough

Drag bar left and right to see before and after


Meeting Rooms - 4

Hall Capacity - 600

Gathering Space - Limited Outdoor Space

Offices - Disjointed and confusing for visitors

Parish Ministries - Limited by lack of space

Outdoor Bluff Area - Tucked away and inaccessible


Meeting Rooms - 15

Hall Capacity - 812

Gathering Space - Narthex, hall, and expanded courtyard

Offices - Intuitive and practical

Parish Ministries - Open for expansion and new initiatives

Outdoor Bluff Area - Featured and inviting

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