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The Journey of a Lifetime

This weekend we are blessing three containers of religious medals contributed by you for burial under the three main entrances to our new Pastoral Center and Knight Hall. These medals are being planted at those spots to sanctify all of our comings and goings at this fabulous new home for our parish activities.

Along with the medals are a number of rosaries; think of the countless prayers that have been said on those beads! We ask Christ Crucified, whose image is part of each rosary, to direct all of our steps toward him. There are medals of Saint Michael and Saint Benedict; we ask them to keep away anything that could impede our journey toward Christ. There are numerous medals of the Blessed Virgin Mary; we ask her to watch over us with a mother’s love and care. There are medals of other saints, each of whom has special meaning in the Christian life; we ask their intercession, that we may one day join their company as saints in heaven.

When we enter our new Pastoral Center and Knight Hall—whether we are coming to arrange a Mass, a Funeral, a Marriage, or some other event; whether we are coming to a Bible Study, a ministry meeting, or a support group; whether we are coming to speak to one of the priests or deacons, or another member of the Parish staff, or a volunteer who is there to help us—in all these cases, our hope is that our step across the threshold of the Pastoral Center and Knight Hall will be a step towards heaven. And when we exit after any of the activities I’ve mentioned, we pray that this step will also lead us towards our heavenly goal. It’s all part of that great Journey we call life. How wonderful it will be when the new building is finished and is part of our daily journey towards God!

Gratefully yours,

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