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Celebration Moments

Every Wednesday morning I participate in a Construction Meeting: the contractor, the project manager, the architect, the business manager, and other involved persons take part along with me. It is a weekly opportunity to look at what has been accomplished so far, what is planned for the near future, and in general and specific terms how the project is going. I learn a lot at these meetings.

Among the things that we track during the weekly Construction Meetings are what we call “celebration moments.” These are special events that energize the whole community of St. Edward the Confessor and San Felipe de Jesús: times of rejoicing and giving thanks for the great building project that is unfolding before our eyes. In the past, such celebration moments included the Groundbreaking ceremony on June 19, 2021; the opening of the Narthex on Christmas Eve, and the signing of steel beams that became part of the structure of our Pastoral Center. This week we have another great celebration moment: the installation and blessing of the amazing stained glass window in our beautiful narthex.

This has me thinking: do we track “celebration moments” in the rest of our life? Might that be a special way of cultivating a spirit of joy and gratitude? To be sure, every morning is a celebration moment, as the Lord gives to us another day of life. Every Holy Communion is a celebration moment, as the Incarnate Son of God becomes our spiritual food. And I could list many other such possible moments. Instead, I invite you to make your own list and then keep track of those moments, so that your life will be punctuated by special times of joy and gratitude.

Gratefully yours,

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