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Last Monday, the school staff—teachers, instructional assistants, administrators, and other staff members—returned to our school campus to begin a week of meetings and other activities to prepare for the school year. Appropriately, the first thing on their agenda was to participate in our 8:15 morning Mass. It was wonderful to see all of them, and I am truly grateful that our school is staffed by such well-qualified, dedicated, and inspiring people.

This Monday, August 22, the students will begin the new school year. It will be nice to hear them from my office window, and I look forward to Friday morning Masses with the students participating. Before long, I hope to begin visiting the classrooms, where I always feel so welcome and I am so impressed and inspired by the quality Catholic education our parish provides.

Every year, the faculty and staff choose a Scriptural theme which becomes the focus of the entire school year. This year the theme is Romans 12:12 – “Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.” Hope, joy, patience, and prayer: what a great “formula” for our students and for all of us, during this school year and throughout our lives! Please join me in praying for a good, grace-filled school year.

Gratefully yours,

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